First minister celebrates energy innovation

The Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund has had its progress applauded by politicians and other industry representatives at the organisation’s annual conference – run by Energy Networks Association (ENA).

The LCN Fund is an annual competition run by the energy regulator Ofgem to enable research and development to look at how to innovate and adapt the electricity networks for the future. The fund makes available up to £500m over the five years of the competition for projects.

Speaking about the LCN Fund, Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones said: “We all know the end goal of a low carbon future, but there are many uncertainties such as managing increased renewable connections, storage of energy and demand side management.

“The research and development projects which will be discussed over the two days of this conference will play an important role in ensuring we have reliable and effective networks in the future. It provides an invaluable opportunity to provide security of supply at value for money as we move towards a low carbon economy.”

ENA chief executive David Smith added: “The networks are the linchpin to our future and without the impressive and extensive innovation projects presented here nothing of what we’re trying to achieve would be possible.

“ENA are delighted to deliver this conference on behalf of DECC and Ofgem. It encapsulates our desire to spread the message of the vital work that networks deliver towards a lower carbon energy future. This conference is unparalleled in its opportunity to showcase engineering innovation in our industry.”