Taking the heat out of PV

Honeywell has announced the introduction of new black laminate film designed to keep black PV panels cooler and more efficient.

The PowerShield Cool Black is a backsheet which Honeywell says reduces panel operating temperature by using a proprietary technology that reflects solar radiation. Keeping panels at lower operating temperatures enables electrical components to operate more efficiently and generate more power.

“Heat reduction is a key factor in operating solar panel efficiency, and black panels are especially susceptible to increased temperatures,” said Jerry Buchanan, global business manager for Honeywell PV.

“Honeywell’s innovative new product, Powershield Cool Black, can help keep black panels cool while making them more efficient, durable and able to blend in with their surroundings.”

According to the company, independent industry and university tests laboratory tests have shown that, during periods of peak power demand, solar panels using PowerShield Cool Black are as much as seven degrees celsius cooler, which can increase power output by two to three percent.

It adds that the product also offers excellent resistance to environmental degradation from sunlight, heat, cold, humidity, acids, bases, solvents, salts and other chemicals.