New app takes the heat off selecting heat pumps

Econic’s managing director Rob Gardiner

Econic has launched a new smart app to help customers decide which heat pump to install.

Capable of estimating the size of the Ground Energy Collector and peak heating loads, the intelligent app asks for basic details such as the footprint of the site, the heating and cooling requirements, ground properties and what sort of building is involved.

The app is available through the company’s website ( and can also be used by iPad, smartphone and tablet users.

Rob Gardiner, managing director at Econic, said: “It is all well and good unearthing information about heat pumps through research but there is often a gap between theory and practice. Every system needs to be tailor-made to a user’s individual requirements, so naturally unbiased and accurate information is hard to come by.

“Econic can help users to estimate system sizes, from heating and cooling capacity capacity to bore hole depths, in order to give a quick but accurate estimation of what they require. When submitting your results for quotation to Econic, our experts contact and quote you within 24 hours.”