PTS encourage installer uptake of Green Deal training

Plumbing and heating merchant PTS has made the most of a Green Deal Awareness Course being offered to installers by the company’s training partners PPL.

The one day course was held for a number of PTS team members before being offered to installers through its 300 plus trade counters. By completing the course, PTS says it has been equipped with the knowledge to educate installers on the importance of attending related courses to increase profitability and maintain skill levels.

Maxine Frost, PTS renewables director, said: “Making sure that our staff are up-to-speed with the latest industry information, such as the current progress of the Green Deal, is an important part of maintaining our high levels of customer service.”

“Participating in PPL’s market leading training course allows our team to understand exactly what our customers will gain by attending themselves. By making sure we recommend courses that are relevant and which they will benefit from,we can encourage them to consider more training in the future. This process is vital if we are to maintain skill levels – something which is particularly important in the renewables sector.”

The PPL Green Deal Awareness Course is designed to explore why the Green Deal is important for energy efficiency, how it will affect the supply chain and when each phase is expected to come into force. Taking an in depth look at all aspects of a domestic and commercial building that could be altered under the Green Deal, the course provides an insight into the assessment and financial packages available to home and business owners, as well as suggesting how merchants and installers can make the most of the changes.