Mitsubishi Electric creates Green Gateway videos

Mitsubishi Electric has produced two new videos exploring the concept behind Green Deal and why heat pump technology is an attractive alternative to traditional forms of heating as part of its ‘Green Gateway Philosophy’.

The company says it has uploaded the videos to YouTube in response to climate change, rising fuel costs and decreasing supplies of natural resources. It seeks to open dialogue with those involved in building renovation both domestic and commercial.

Martin Fahey, sustainable solutions manager for Mitsubishi Electric, said: “The UK faces a major challenge if we are to achieve the targets set for the built environment and in isolation what lies ahead can seem daunting, in terms of scale, costs and timeframe.

“These days we should all be aware of how we can increase the efficiency of the fabric of our buildings and lower our carbon output, through the use of renewable technology. We already have tough legislation targets to achieve in the UK and they are set to become ever more challenging in the future.”