Two minutes with…

Who are you?
Kevin Parslow

What do you do?
I am CEO of Evance Wind Turbines. We design and manufacture our 5kW small wind turbines in the UK – 75 per cent of our components are also sourced in the UK.

Where are you?
Evance is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

How’s business at the moment?
Last year was a remarkable year for us. We saw sales grow by over 200 per cent and we also expanded our workforce a quarter. It’s a great testimony to our team that the R9000 turbine accounted for a third of all small wind turbines sold in theUKlast year.  Also we installed our 1000th turbine in March this year.

How could it be better?
We’d like to grow further and extend our export sales – currently 20 per cent – in key US, European and Asian markets through 2012 and beyond. I believe small wind turbines have an important contribution to make to the renewable energy targets and the true impact has yet to be realised. 

Who do you admire in renewables?
I really admire people who invest in renewable energy and the future. There are many home owners and businesses that are benefitting from ‘small wind’.

What’s the best business advice you have received?
Basically customer service is key. To build a successful business you need to define your market, focus on objectives and deliver on your promises.

How are you going green?
As a business we already use wood from sustainable forests for packaging and recycle as much as possible – we are now working towards ISO 14001. Also our turbine towers have been designed for the foundations to require minimal concrete and steel.
On a personal level I’m part of the Evance team that works to influence renewable energy policy by lobbying Ministers and DECC.