Green for go?

Andy Gribble, Plumbase. The company is launching the Ecobase initiative to help installers with the Green Deal
Andy Gribble, Plumbase managing director, asks is the British public is ready for the Green Deal?

Although the public is somewhat familiar with solar panels and wind farms, the topic of energy saving solutions is still a minefield for the consumer. At present, the terms Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive do not mean a lot to most people and education is key if the government’s introduction of these new schemes is to be a success.

However, a society knowledgeable in the offering and benefits of renewables and energy saving solutions is a little way off. The most important thing at present is to ensure that installers are prepared.

As we await the implementation of the Green Deal, legislation continues to change. This, and the introduction of new technology as a result, causes confusion. But from this confusion emerges vast commercial opportunities.

At Plumbase we want to ensure that our customers are ready to embrace these new challenges and are confident to sell and install new technologies. An in-depth understanding of the technology available is imperative for when the Green Deal is implemented, as the introduction of incentive schemes will increase demand.

To support the process Plumbase is launching a dedicated brand, Ecobase. Aimed at installers and consumers, the Ecobase showrooms provide whole house energy saving solutions.

These dedicated centres of excellence will not only serve as educational areas for our installer customers but also as a destination for their clients, the home owner. Ecobase staff will provide impartial advice on the latest technology available while also demonstrating working technologies, such as Solar PV panels, Solar Hot Water systems, heat pumps and underfloor heating. In addition with the introduction of training schemes and regular product updates, Ecobase will assist installers in getting more from their business and make the most of the up-coming opportunities available.

As a company, Plumbase is prepared for the shift in legislation. It is part of Grafton Group, one of the first organisations to become a Green Deal provider. As such we will offer a range of Green Deal-approved products and financial solutions. Additionally, Plumbase can also support with the training required to meet theMCSstandard, which is compulsory for the installation of renewables.

By working together we aim to create a network of knowledgeable installers ready to utilise the offering that the Green Deal presents. It’s this group of installers that will then take this knowledge to the consumer, educating them in the benefits of energy saving solutions and readying them for the Green Deal.