Solar specialist unveils UK nationwide operation

Solar specialist Evergreen PV has expanded its services, now covering the whole of the UK, from domestic to commercial properties.

Based in Oxfordshire, and founded in 2010, Evergreen PV has spent the majority of the last two years sourcing the world’s best quality solar products which were not yet present in the UK market.

James Woollard, managing director at Evergreen PV, explained: “We’ve been talking to manufacturers of solar products from all four corners of the world. Because we’ve taken the time to do this, we have been able to source the best products out there, providing us with a competitive advantage through product design, quality, service, and price.”

Because Evergreen PV import on such a large scale, it says it is able to supply high quality solar inverters at the best possible prices, resulting in a 30 per cent saving compared with their competitors. Furthermore Evergreen PV has also launched a 24/7 UK based support team for taking clients calls, and will regularly make on-site visits to anywhere within the UK.

Woollard added: “There are a few other companies doing a similar thing, such as Power One and SMA, but in my opinion none are as passionate as we are. Quality and customer service is at the heart of everything we do, where all our products come with a minimum 10-year warranty, as well as being MCS approved.

“With the Green Deal just around the corner it’s important for both home owners and businesses to have access to the very best in solar energy technology, from solar panels to inverters, and that’s what we’re here to do.”

Due to be introduced in October, the Green Deal will enable eligible homeowners to access the necessary financial loans needed to install energy-efficiency measures in their home. The savings subsequently made on fuel and utility bills will then be used to pay back the initial loan.

Just recently German utilities announced solar power reached a new record level in May when it produced about 10 percent of the country’s overall electricity.

Woollard commented: “I’m confident the UK market will start to replicate the very established German market which is streamlined, low cost and very efficient. Our job is to help achieve this.”

He continued: “For home owners, using our solar PV systems will reduce the amount of electricity they need to buy. Plus it can really add value to their homes. For businesses, again our solar PV systems will lower expenditure on utility bills. We also now install everything too, anywhere in the UK.”

Indeed, installation can be incorporated into the design of a business’ building, making a statement about their commitment to sustainability. In a world concerned about climate change, this could also prove a great marketing tool, as many customers are seeking companies who are environmentally responsible and who they see as the ‘greener’ option.

Woollard concluded: “We’re excited about the future, and looking forward to helping the UK become one of the most energy efficient countries in the world.”

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