Plumb Center complete Channel Islands shows

Plumb Center says its first ever Channel Island Trade Shows have been met with a positive reaction by ‘delighted’ members of the business community.

The shows, on Jersey and Guernsey in May, attracted a large number of exhibitors under the banner ‘Making Renewables More Do-Able’.

The Channel Islands were picked as an appropriate location as it receives more sunshine than the rest of the UK making it a good location for solar technology.

Plumb Center’s area trading manager, Terry Jones, said: “Our customers really appreciated having a show close to home – it is time consuming and expensive for them to travel to the mainland. They were also very pleased about the quality of the stands.”

“It was excellent,” added Heath Kearns of Jersey’s John Warrener Plumbing & Heating Ltd, which employs 16 staff. “I would certainly support it next year. It’s helpful to have a wide-range of suppliers under the same roof at the same time.”