NSA Environment expands training provision for Green Deal

The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies is expanding its provision to deliver all skills and competencies required by the government’s Green Deal scheme, scheduled for roll out in October.

The move will see the inclusion of training in building insulation, consumer awareness, energy efficiency, energy assessment, energy advice, and underpinning business and management skills. These join the Academy’s existing core qualifications courses.

Cathryn Hickey, executive director of the Skills Academy, explained: “Many employers who support and use the Skills Academy will be working across the range of Green Deal measures. They believe it is necessary to expand training provision to deliver all of the skills and competences to support Green Deal and the low carbon agenda.

“By having a comprehensive training offering through the Skills Academy, building services and construction employers can be confident that the appropriate support infrastructure is in place for them to take advantage of the market when the Green Deal is launched this autumn.”

Considered the ‘game-changer’ for the energy market, the Green Deal will facilitate its growth and broaden consumer choice. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced support of £1.3bn a year to deliver energy efficiency measures across Britain, helping to tackle fuel poverty and climate change. The Government has further reinforced its ambitions with news that it will fund all registration and oversights costs associated with the Green Deal for two years. This means official Green Deal approval will be free for installers, assessors and council providers during this period.

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