Keeping things domestic

REDtiP solar mounting systems has brought its latest product to market with roof hooks designed specifically to fit UK roofs.

The company says its hooks are compatible with 80 per cent of UK roof tiles and suitable for plain tiles, flat interlocking tiles, profiled interlocking tiles and slates. The system has been introduced by European distributors Stainless Threaded Fasteners (STF) and is also available through its sister company JCP Construction Products.

STF director and general manager, David Jackson, said: “The PV market is growing as energy prices and awareness of environmental responsibilities continue to rise. It is therefore crucial that installers are able to adapt to increasing demand by not only ensuring that the PV system is top quality but by understanding that the installation process needs to be as efficient as possible too.”

Nick Beardon, general manager of JCP Construction Products, added: “Imported roof hooks are designed for European roofs so installers often have to spend valuable time modifying tiles or slate to get the hooks to fit. The clever design of the REDtiP hooks cuts down on-roof adaptations like grinding and reduces the need for costly soakers and flashings. This aids faster, easier installation; saving time and therefore money.”