Introducing the Enercube

Phono Solar has launched its latest product – the Enercube – which it describes as a new residential energy storage and management solution.

The global PV manufacturer adds that the Enercube (available later in the year) intelligently distributes electricity; ensuring power is available even after the sun has set. Available in three different models, it offers a storage capacity of 6.4, 7.7 or 9 kWh, and annual energy outputs of up to 2880, 3360 or 3840 kWh, respectively.

Mariana Hall, vice-president of Phono Solar Europe, said: “The Phono Enercube is an essential solution for residential installations around the world. Until now, consumers have had to either use electricity generated immediately, or feed it into the National Grid. The Phono Enercube ensures that energy generated will be available when the consumer needs it. The analysis offered by the Phono Enercube also promotes efficient energy usage, as consumers are made aware of their consumption levels. This is the future of solar installations for households.”

Eric Yuan, marketing manager, Phono Solar, added: “We continue to demonstrate Phono Solar’s innovative and compelling products, designed for renewable energy markets around the world. We are showcasing solutions that build and complement a range that has already been adopted by thousands of homes around the UK.”