Greg Barker “delighted” at Plumb Center’s involvement in Green Deal

The government’s energy and climate change minister, Greg Barker has praised Plumb Center’s intention to become one of the UK’s Green Deal providers.

Speaking at a special Green Deal Open Day at the Sustainable Building Center in Leamington Spa, which attracted 150 installers and industry insiders from across the country, eager to learn about energy efficiency and renewables, Mr Barker commended Plumb Center’s involvement in the scheme.

Greg Barker said: “The Green Deal will transform millions of homes and business with the installation of energy saving measures across the nation. I’m really delighted Plumb Center is taking you through how to gear-up for the scheme. I am very pleased it is also focussing on helping SMEs get involved.

“Events such as these help make the Green Deal simple and accessible, which is vital because its success will benefit businesses and communities alike,” he added.

The minister said that SMEs would be critical to the scheme’s success. He also said that tapping into the home improvement market was vital.

“I hope I’m painting an exciting picture for you of the huge economic and business opportunities the Green Deal presents. It is so valuable at a time when many parts of the economy are being challenged,” he added.

Plumb Center is determined to dispel the confusion, surrounding the scheme, and is focussing on helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to fully participate.

By bringing together installer training, access to accreditation and assessment tools in an integrated package, supported by a complete range of Green Deal products readily available in branch, Plumb Center will give every business the opportunity to reap the benefits of the Green Deal.

The open day was the first in a series of informative installer briefing events, which will conclude with seminars at the Renewables Roadshow in September.

The events offer an overview of Plumb Center’s accredited Green Deal Advisor fast track training course, which will enable Gas Safe Registered and MCS accredited installers to become Green Deal Advisors/Installers.  Visitors will also see, in action, a complete range of relevant technologies.

The fast track course will be available to installers from July at Plumb Center’s accredited centres. Elements of the course will also be available online.

Simon Allan, Plumb Center’s director of renewables,

said: “Today’s event has been a huge success and we are delighted by the turnout. I would also like to thank the minister for finding the time, in his hectic schedule, to visit us. It was heartening to hear his endorsement of our plans.  We now have everything in place to ensure all our customers have the tools to take advantage of Green Deal opportunities.”