DECC sets out the next steps for the Green Deal

Accepting defeat: Energy secretary Ed Davey says the latest court decision 'draws a line' under the matter
DECC has today set out the secondary legislation that will give industry the green light to bring the Green Deal energy efficiency market into operation, alongside measures to strengthen consumer protection and reduce industry burdens and introducing a new, improved energy company obligation (ECO)

Accepting defeat: Energy secretary Ed Davey says the latest court decision 'draws a line' under the matter

In addition to setting out the parts of the framework that are already in place, today’s announcements is designed to give clarity to the market by detailing next steps to getting Green Deal and ECO rules set by October, including, in legislation laid later this week, ensuring support worth around £1.3bn a year to deliver energy efficiency and heating measures across Great Britain to help tackle fuel poverty and climate change.

An increased focus on poorer areas should see extra 100,000 households in low income areas benefitting each year, compared to our original proposals, bringing the total number of low income households and those in low income areas assisted to around 230,000 a year.

Following consideration of more than 600 responses to the government’s November consultation on the Green Deal and ECO, full details of the final policy are set out in the response document published today.

Energy secretary and climate change secretary Edward Davey said:

”…Today I have published the government’s detailed plans along with the legislation that will allow the industry to bring the Green Deal into existence…

…I am determined to make sure that, in addition to creating huge opportunities for Green Deal providers and businesses along with thousands of new jobs, this new market in energy efficiency will deliver the very best deal for consumers.”

Alongside the Written Ministerial Statement laid in Parliament and secondary legislation announced by the secretary of state, the government today published the following documents:

  • Final Stage Impact Assessment for the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation
  • Government Response to Green Deal/ECO Consultation
  • Progress on setting up the Green Deal Framework
  • Customer insight research:
    • Green Deal language research
    • Green Deal Business survey
    • Green Deal subsidy research
    • Research into funding for home improvements
  • Which measures qualify for Green Deal finance
  • How the Green Deal will reflect the in-situ performance of energy efficiency measures
  • ECO Carbon Saving Community Obligation: Rural and Low Income Areas