A Profitable Future in Renewables conference launched

A Profitable Future in Renewables – The Business Strategy Conference has been launched by Renewable Energy Installer. With many changes affecting the renewable energy market, it is important to understand what the long-term business opportunities will be and what needs to be done to stay successful.

Renewable Energy Installer recognises this and is organising  A Profitable Future in Renewables –The Business Strategy Conference. The event will take place at The British Museum on Wednesday 21st November, 2012.

The conference will focus on the strategies that will deliver competitive advantage in a business environment influenced by the domestic economy, government Initiatives and targets and the constant change and development of technology.

The event has high-profile speakers confirmed from DECC, MCS, REA, MPC, PWC a major green tech venture capital business along with key industry figures such as Jeremy Leggett. The conference, will examine the current and future environment for renewables, the challenges and opportunities presented by Green Deal and the introduction of the domestic RHI. It will also look at the issues around building skills and knowledge through partnership or acquisition; addressing the skills gap, managing finances, and generating new sales.

The conference is a must-attend for anyone committed to growing and developing a renewables business and for those supplying services and products to one of the UK’s most vibrant markets.

For more information on the event call Laura Blandy 01565 653283

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