No surprise at Green Deal delay, says industry

Industry leaders have greeted news that the non-domestic Green Deal will launch sometime next year with cautious acceptance.

Originally scheduled to launch alongside its domestic counterpart in October, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is now looking to apply the energy efficiency programme to commercial and industrial premises in 2013.

Alan Aldridge, the Solar Trade Association’s new chairman, said the move was predictable given delays to other government incentives and the complexity of Green Deal.

He added: “The Renewable Heat Incentive was delayed so it’s not a great surprise. It’s a shame that it can get predictable.

“When you look at Green Deal, there’s a lot to it. Would it have been better to have launched something that wasn’t refined? – I suspect that would’ve caused more chaos.

“What I’m concerned with is if it’s difficult for the industry to understand, then the average consumer isn’t going to understand it either.”

Founder of consumer information website YouGen, Cathy Debenham, was of the same opinion that a delay to the scheme would give DECC more time to get it right. “It doesn’t surprise me,” she said. “It’s such a large programme so to launch it all in October would have been bonkers.

“It’s bad news for the industry but makes sense. I would have liked to have seen more pilot schemes first but this is probably a blessing in disguise.”

Peter Grant, ceo of sustainability software developers CloudApps, added: “The Green Deal, or the lack of, accentuates the problems which are inherent to the industry. There will be an explosion of energy use in businesses as employees will be spending more time in the workplace to cut costs at home. A big opportunity to do the simple things is being missed.”

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