No holes barred

Power Nation has officially launched a system its says is ‘leak free’.

Offering complete install kits boasting no gaskets or Viton O-rings, the company says its leak-free solar thermal system advances the plumbing side of a thermal installation for piping runs of DN16, DN20 and DN25. The solar rated fittings form a metal-to-metal self-seal that is designed to save time, allowing the installer to leave site with absolute confidence.

Sales manager, Jon Mussell, said: “we are excited to introduce these kits to our customers offering an installation that is gasket free from the solar thermal collector down to the cylinder. We have already seen a fantastic response from installers as our self-seal fittings are much easier to use – they do not require any special tools or training and above all they work. Our systems are now incredibly reliable and massively reduce the risk of call backs.”