£20m marine scheme opens

Government has today launched its £20 million Marine Energy Array Demonstrator scheme (MEAD) which is designed to support up to two pre-commercial projects.

It is hoped that MEAD will demonstrate the operation of wave and/or tidal devices in array formation over a period of time. Organisations across the UK will be able to bid for a share of the £20million announced last summer helping spur on growth in this sector.

The government says that marine power has huge potential and the UK is already leading the way for the rest of the world to follow. Generating energy from the power of waves or tides could provide up to 20 per cent of current UK electricity demand and also help cut carbon emissions and support thousands of UK jobs.

Energy minister Greg Barker said: “This scheme will help move marine power to the next stage of development, the demonstration of a number of wave and tidal devices in array formation out at sea. This will take us one vital step closer to realising our ambitions of generating electricity from the waves and tides, powering homes and businesses across the whole of the UK with clean, green electricity.”

Winning bids will be announced by Government towards the end of the year.