Roadshow sheds light on beating solar cuts

Renewable energy installers used the recent Solar Power UK Roadshow to help prepare themselves for proposed cuts in the Feed-in Tariff  (FiT). 

Organised by Solar Media, the events entitled ‘Coping with the Cuts’ gave delegates the chance to quiz industry experts about recent policy changes in towns and cities including London, Exeter, Manchester and Birmingham.

Speakers from a range of companies and organisations such as Solar Trade Association, NAPIT, SunDog Energy, Regen SW, DECC and YouGen spoke on a range of issues including the Green Deal and Energy Performance Certificates, in addition to the likely impacts of a reduced FiT rate.

Speaking on theManchesterleg of the tour, Toby Ferenczi, Engensa’s chief technology officer, said: “16.5p is probably the best FiT rate that we can expect which certainly makes for a viable industry.

“The government has put in a number of roadblocks such as the energy performance (EPC) requirements but write off PV at your peril. Its great strength is that it is a semi conductor technology which consistently falls in price.

“Grid parity is a serious possibility. I’m not saying it won’t be difficult but this time the government are coming from a position of supporting solar.

“We have to work together to drive down costs right across the chain starting from modules leading all the way to installation.”