Exhibitors enjoy Ecobuild success

Many of Ecobuild’s largest exhibitors have heralded this year’s three day exhibition as a major success.

Held at London’s Excel Centre, the majority of attendees say it has delivered on its promise to be the leading showcase for the latest and best in micro-renewables whilst also pleasing exhibitors with a healthy footfall.

Sulaiman Ahmad, Enecsys, said: “This is the most important event of its kind in the UK and we focus all of our attention here. The customers have been very sophisiticated this year and there has been some consolidation on the PV side.”

Mike Clay, Dulas, said: “We’ve had some very useful conversations with people here and it’s been great to continue the relationships we have with our existing partners.”

Paul Bradbury, Libra Energy, said: “It’s been a great show. The amount of footfall has been really good and its great to catch up with existing customers. We will be back next year.”

Markus Feldmann, Azur Solar, said: “It’s been really busy here again. We find it is the best show in the UK which is proven by the leads we have developed. We have had some quality time with both new and old installers.”

Kevin Carling, Secon Solar, said: “We have been very pleased. The quality of the visitors has been very high here and knowledgable installers are the type of customers we are reaching out to. We will be booking for next year.”

Chris Hopkins, Ploughcroft, said: “The show has shown that the renewables market is diversifying rapidly. Last year there was lots of PV at Ecobuild but this time companies have realised that they need to diversity. This is apparent by the range of interesting products on offer.”