Barker commits to autumn launch of Green Deal

Greg Barker key note at Ecobuild
In a keynote speech on the opening day of Ecobuild, Minister of State Greg Barker re-committed the coalition to delivering the “Flagship” Green Deal programme in the Autumn.

Greg Barker key note at Ecobuild

In a wide ranging speech Barker insisted that Green Deal was different to all other incentive schemes for energy efficiency stating that it is not just about insulation, but is an aspirational programme that delivers into the British homeowners desire to improve their properties.

He also cited the importance of community backed schemes to generate enthusiasm for the Green Deal citing projects in the East Riding and Salford which transformed entire streets.

In the preceding session of the Ecobuild conference Paul King CEO of the Green Building Council discussed many of the concerns of the smaller SME installers, having confidence to commit to expensive training programmes if the Government then moved the goalposts.

Barker announced a number of measures particularly aimed at making it easier for the smaller Installer to successfully compete in the Green Deal market.

Smaller installers are no longer required to submit a Surety Bond prior to Green Deal accreditation, and Installers will non longer have to make arrangements for independent arbitration for disputes with customers, as Barker announced a Green Deal Ombudsman.

The detail is still being finalised, but Barker pointed to exciting technologies in heating, glazing, lighting, and smart controls, and mentioned technologies such as flue gas recovery and waste water recovery as up for consideration in the future.

A stronger link between Green Deal and the Renewable Heat Incentive will be encouraged so consumers will see investment in a single proposition.